Agility Recovery Solutions

Agility Recovery Solutions was started by General Electric (GE) in 1989 to provide computer systems and assets in the disaster recovery industry. General Electric owned and operated the business with a reseller and partnership model. The company participated in complex disaster recovery programs for large Fortune 500 organizations that were managed by IBM, SunGard or HP. By 2002, GE was participating in about 300 organizations’ programs.

General Electric sold the business in 2002 to a private equity firm, Generation Partners out of Greenwich CT. In 2004, Generation Partners recruited Bob Boyd as President & CEO and Bill Boyd as Executive Chairman of the Board. After careful analysis of the potential business and scale opportunities, the Boyds launched an aggressive effort to become the undisputed leader in the disaster recovery industry and targeted small and medium sized businesses which had traditionally been completely ignored as potential buyers of disaster recovery services. Andy Boyd was recruited in 2004 to lead the sales team expansion.

Agility went from 300 customers to 20,000 clients under the Boyd’s leadership. EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization) expanded from negative to exceed $11MM with an incredible sales engine. The sales team grew from three enterprise-level sales people to a field-based sales force of 10 people and an inside sales team of over 60 people with an in-house business development team, exceptional member support team and world class marketing program. Agility is widely recognized as the industry and thought leader in the disaster recovery industry in North America, and has successfully recovered over 1,000 organizations.

Generation Partners sold Agility in 2015 for a significant price and resulted in the fund of more than 10x return on capital investment. The successful buyers of Agility, LLR Partners, recognized the exceptional management team, pricing model, diverse customer base, market opportunity and operational excellence that Agility had established.

Bob Boyd was a finalist for the 2015 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year for his work leading Agility and the remarkable growth of the business. This was a remarkable honor for Bob especially since Bill Boyd won the E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year award for his work at Muzak. To the best of E&Y’s knowledge, this was the first time a father and son have each been finalist and winner of the E&Y award in the program’s long history. A remarkable achievement for the Boyd family.