Salesforce Staffing

Salesforce Recruitment and Staff Training, Charlotte, Denver, Boulder

Rule of 78’s experts have nearly 80 years of combined experience in creating robust sales forces in multiple industries. We are proficient at all phases of sales force development and expansion, including implementation of professional cultural and engagement platforms and scientifically validated hiring assessments.

We can assist organizations in developing recruitment strategies, including where to recruit, optimized job descriptions, and interview strategies. Once a candidate is identified, we can maximize the likelihood of him or her accepting the offer. A defined and comprehensive training program is critical for the onboarding of new employees. We can create optimal training programs and oversee that effort.

Rule of 78’s Sales Force Staffing services provide:

  • Recruitment - identify the right person for any role in your business departments
  • Staff training - ongoing training to ensure maximum staff efficiency
  • Retention plans - retain the most talented employees at your workplace

Our Sales Force Staffing services dramatically improve your ability to identify the proper talent for any role and insure that the cultural fit works for both employee and employer. We offer faster employee onboarding, more successful hires and significantly higher retention rates.

Discover a better way to recruit staff.