Customer Support

Customer Support Charlotte, Denver, Boulder

One of the key factors often overlooked in recurring billing organizations is the focus and attention on retaining clients. Providing the highest levels of customer service and support for a client is critical to minimize turnover and maximize the retention rate. Providing poor customer support, on the other hand, may turn your client off from your products or services immediately.

Most organizations work hard to gain a relationship, but fail to properly support that relationship in order to maintain that billing for decades. Don’t make the same mistakes they do, instead opt for our Customer Support programs.

Rule of 78’s Customer Support programs allow you to:

  • Maximize revenue - collect recurring payment from existing customer accounts
  • Retain existing clients - maintain the relationship with your current clients
  • Attract new clients - through outstanding service and support

In the last two companies we directly operated (Agility Recovery and Muzak), the relationship was maintained for 14 and 10 years respectively. At Agility for example, this implied that the average account would pay over $600/month for 14+ years! This does not happen by accident or by being lucky – it is the result of focused, organized effort to support the client relationship.

Great customer support goes a long way towards business success.